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I found it weird how catfish would stalk everyone’s account and he would stalk my twitter accounts and my tumblr accounts

👀 why won’t Photoshop finish downloading



When did we become such materialists?
When did owning an iPhone became one of the main highlights of our lives?
When did women start discriminating and treating the not so wealthy men as not good enough?
When did your clothes, teeth and hair became the main things that define you as a person?



The internet is the wonderland of the freaks – a land for the people who can’t seem to find their place in real life. And just when you think that they would make this loving accepting community of lost souls who in a way, have found their place on the cloud, you’re left in disappointment. It…



Art means the world to me. For me, art is everything that you create, that you put much effort into. Life is just this fascinating art piece as a whole. The creative process never really stops because once you finish with creating something, you usually want to start with something new. And that…

Human is just pure slayage

I love this tumblr update!

Lol im drinking in my room and im like already drunk