Art means the world to me. For me, art is everything that you create, that you put much effort into. Life is just this fascinating art piece as a whole. The creative process never really stops because once you finish with creating something, you usually want to start with something new. And that…

Human is just pure slayage

I love this tumblr update!

Lol im drinking in my room and im like already drunk

Happy birthday brother! I love you so much!

I’ve met some really awesome people on twitter ever since I started using that other account, and There are a few people I really wanna keep in touch with and I consider them really closed friends

Do you ever thing everything will be what it once used to be?
Because I haven’t stopped thinking all those good memories we used to have.
And it seems like I’ll never ever get be around you for a while..
I sometimes miss them, but at times I’m just happy right now and I don’t need them

With you I learned to be happy
Ever since you left me
I dont know where to be
And so I beg you please
Don’t leave
In another life
You will not be mine

Whatever go fuck yourself